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Rotterdam Guitar Trio

Tigual Trio consists of guitarist Tim Panman, violinist Gustavo Cabrera and double bass player Alexander Vocking. They met each other in the conservatory of Rotterdam, Codarts, where they specialized in world music, their focus being Argentine tango.
This international blending of musical traditions turned out to be an ideal foundation for the broad interests of this trio. In 2015 they decided to join forces and created a trio that clearly shows their many different influences. A wide variety of colors can be heard: Argentine tango and folklore, gypsy-jazz, classical music and flamenco.

Rotterdam Guitar Trio

This guitar trio features Juliano Abramovay (BR), Tim Panman (NL) and Theo de Blasis (BR).
Their love for combining classical music and their passion for music from South America led to an amazingly diverse repertoire filled with their own arrangements of pieces from the well known classical, Brazilian and Argentinian repertoire. Debussy, Piazzolla, Edu Lobo and many other amazing artists can be heard when listening to RGT. Always adding their own touch to music so well known and clearly displaying their mutual friendship when playing, the Rotterdam Guitar Trio is truly a joy to watch and listen to.

Laia Escartin & Tim Panman

im and Laia meet to play, as for a cup of coffee, and through the songs they play they talk about the things that pass, stay and disappear. They travel to warm countries, from Spain to Cuba, from Cuba to Brazil and from Brazil to Argentina. Ending in their own planet of self-written songs (which are inspired by the different Latin music sounds).They start a song, but they never know what will happen. They listen intently to each other, like two friends in a confidential conversation. There is no cup of coffee warming their hands, but a cup full of Southern songs to brighten the rainy days.

LocosLindos Tango Quintet

Five young and driven musicians, who discover the unknown terrain of the passionate Argentine tango together. Tango is still alive and kicking. There is new music written today that proves it. Next to old danceable tango’s LocosLindos also plays the more famous repertoire of famous bandoneón player Astor Piazzolla, but also the generally unknown repertoire of tango composers of today. This way, the quintet developed their own recognizable style.
The members of LocosLindos come from Russia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Their shared passion for this unique and exotic music forms the spine of their eclectic quintet.

Huub de Bruijn & Tim Panman

Imagine yourself in a salon in Buenos Aires, with tangos, valses, milongas, poetic stories and anecdotes. Singer Huub de Bruijn and guitarist Tim Panman bring a passionate program focused on Argentine Tango. Huub sings about lost love, neighborhoods that vanished and torn-up lives, themes that resonate in Tim’s virtuoso guitar playing.

He accompanies Huub with self-written arrangements and excels at playing solo arrangements on the guitar. Aside from tangos, valses and milongas also works from the Argentine Folklore can be heard.